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My name is Amy Yap and I’m a  real estate agent with SAve Realty & Partners serving your area.  I enjoy living in our Estate
and take pride in knowing and serving my neighbors in all their real estate needs.  People in this town know they can call
on me whether they have a simple real estate question, or need a free market analysis.
I believe that a good
realtor should know her community inside and out.  I keep abreast of the latest market happenings
so that I can answer all your questions—especially the hard ones!
As your
realtor and real estate agent I will go the extra mile in helping you purchase a new home or sell your existing
home.  Your best interests are my #1 priority.  With the backing of the most respected company in the area I can help
make your dreams a reality.  Call me today at
6542 2262 or visit my Web site at amystarhome.com.
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“Amy is the best! She has helped us BUY and RENT our unit fast- we'd never hire anyone
-Mrs GOH
I offer my clients something no other real estate agent can...I announce their home's specific details every days during
my every day living as a real estate agent as well as a neighbour… As you know, most real estate agent advertise their
clients homes in the multiple listings, on their office web page, in the newspaper, in flyers they mail out, and in selected
real estate magazines with the hope that someone will see the ads.  These all work to some degree but only reach a
limited group of potential buyers or tenants in the estate. Our unique position (as I reside in
Estella Gardens) has proven
of my ability to rent and sell in Estella Gardens. I have transacted more then hundred of rental for the pass 9 years in
Estella Gardens and already ten sales for the pass two year. My announcements of your home goes out every day in the
surrounding states whom all my tenants and buyers I meet every day. That's a LOT of potential tenants and buyers!  If I
can be of assistance or if you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to give me a call at
6542 2262.  
I will be glad to help you!
I have 18 years of experience.
I know  what it takes to market
your home effectively.
I will carefully listen to your needs
and exceed your expectations.
Amy Yap
CEA R000875G
Senior Assoc. Director
DID (65)
6542 2262
hp (65) 96158676
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