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Welcome to my STARHOME in Singapore...
Singapore, being physically small has been recognized as a truly metropolitan city as
compared to the rest of the
Southeast Asian countries. This mysterious and tropical
destination attracts tourists from all over the world who seek for relaxation, appeasement
and contemplation towards the wonders of nature.

Singapore property plays an important role in contributing to the well-being and
comfort of its people. The vast majority of Singaporeans (approximately 86%) live in public
housing where there are developed neighbourhoods, schools, supermarkets, clinics, food
centres and other recreational facilities all within close proximity for convenience.

Besides that, there is a significant private sector which includes
private apartments,
condominiums, HUDC apartments and landed properties.
The Singapore property also
engages in resort development to attract tourists and generate wealth for the

Future plans by the
Singapore property for Sentosa aims to establish it as one of the world’
s most luxurious holiday location for tourists and not to forget the construction of a family-
Intergrated Resort, with a casino at its core.

Singapore property‘s efforts have changed the landscape of Singapore and improved
the living conditions of many Singaporeans. As Singapore continues to develop, the
expectation of its people also continues to grow. The
Singapore Property now aims to
further enhance the standard of living in
Singapore by upgrading older estates and building
better Quality Apartments.
Type of Residential Properties in Singapore;

Houses : bungalow, semi-detach house, intermediate terrace, corner terrace, cluster
Apartments: condominium, apartment (walk up / low rise), town house, duplex, shop
houses, executive condominium, HUDC flats.
Public Housing: Housing Development Board apartment (1 to 5 rooms flats, executive
apartment, executive maisonette, multi-generation, jumbo flat).
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